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11 21 23

This time, we also appeared at Enlit Asia in Indonesia and EIF Expo in Türkiye. With new products that lead the trend, we attracted countless visitors to the platform for in-depth exchanges. This is not only a product display, but also a solar energy feast that leads the future trend of energy!

On November 14, 2023 local time, Enlit Asia 2023, the highest level electricity energy and smart meter exhibition in the Asia Pacific region, officially opened in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the exhibition site, we installed products and demonstrated their effects through a large screen, and cooperated with the sales team to answer customers' questions and doubts.

1700631994527.jpgAs the largest event in Southeast Asia, it has a grand scale, the widest product coverage, and numerous participants, attracting numerous countries and enterprises to participate. This time, we will push through the old and introduce the new, show innovative household energy storage products, and inject new impetus into Türkiye's green and clean energy transformation. This exhibition is not only a golden opportunity for commercial development, but also a catalyst for Indonesia to move towards a green, sustainable, and energy-saving future. The three-day event will deeply reveal the photovoltaic and energy storage industry chain, leading Indonesia to achieve a huge leap in energy structure and a comprehensive transition towards green and renewable energy.

This time, we comprehensively showcased the new household energy storage batteries EV-10.24N and EV-15.36N, which not only upgraded their appearance, but also made them more lightweight and beautiful. 

95% deep discharge,

LCD&LEDdisplay screen,

Bluetooth paired phone,

supporting 16 parallel connections,

The cycle life has been upgraded from 6000+to 8000+,

warranty period has been doubled, reaching a reassuring 10 years!

Our new household energy storage battery EV product showcases its excellent performance and powerful functions through real machine connection. Through the high-definition display screen, we vividly demonstrated the usage effects of the product in different scenarios, presenting a real solar energy experience for everyone.

Our sales team accompanies the audience throughout the entire process, answering their questions and providing professional consulting services. No matter if you have any questions about product performance, applicable scenarios, or purchasing processes, we will wholeheartedly provide you with the most detailed information. And introduce our upcoming large-scale industrial and commercial energy storage plan through our company brochure.

1700633623553 - 副本.jpg1700632980292.jpg


Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to every friend who came to the booth. It was your support that allowed us to showcase the company's latest technological achievements. We will continue to be committed to innovation in the field of solar energy, providing more high-quality and efficient green energy products for everyone. Please pay attention to our upcoming exhibition activities and look forward to working together with you to create a better tomorrow in the future!

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