10KWH Solar Energy System

10KWH Solar energy System  ADD:Lebanon

Solar Inverter:HIS-10248  Solar Panel:MS-550W*18  LiFePO4 Battery:ES-15.36L*3


10KWH Solar Energy System

Recently, a solar energy company installed a Suness Solar off-grid system in Lebanon. This system was designed to meet the local electricity demand and consisted of several components. The heart of the system was the 10000W Solar Inverter, model HIS-10248. This inverter was responsible for converting the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power that could be used by the local electrical grid. With an output voltage of 220V, this inverter was capable of providing a steady stream of power to the local community. To generate the DC power needed by the inverter, the system included 18 pieces of 500W half-cut Solar panels, including model MS-500W. These solar panels were carefully placed to maximize their exposure to the sun and generate as much power as possible. Finally, to store the excess power generated by the solar panels, the system included 3 PCS Lithium Battery, including model ES-15.36L. These batteries were able to store a significant amount of power and release it as needed to ensure a steady supply of electricity. Overall, the Suness Solar off-grid system installed in Lebanon was a great success. It was able to generate enough power to meet the local electricity demand, and its components worked together seamlessly to ensure a steady supply of energy. This system is a great example of how solar energy can be used to provide clean, reliable power to communities around the world.

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