110V 5KWH Solar Energy System

110V 5KWH Solar energy System ADD:Americal

Solar Inverter:HIU-5048  Solar Panel:MS-400W*12  LiFePO4 Battery:ES-7.68L*2

10KWH Solar Energy System

110V 5KWH Solar Energy System

Take a retailer in the United States as an example to introduce their solar system. The system is mainly composed of 5000W solar inverter (model HIU-5048), 12 pieces 400W half-cut solar panels (model MS-400W), 2 pieces lithium batteries (model ES-7.68L). 

The retailer is located in the Midwest of the United States, with a large area and high monthly electricity bills. In order to reduce energy costs, many local customers decided to install solar systems. After many comparisons, they chose the above-mentioned solar inverter, solar panel and lithium battery. After the installation was complete, the retailer's solar system was up and running. 

Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity, which is then converted into usable AC power by a solar inverter. Lithium batteries store excess power for emergency use. The single-phase output voltage of the system ensures the stable supply of electric energy and meets the needs of merchants. 

With the solar system, the retailer's energy costs have been significantly reduced. They can save a lot of electricity bills every day, and also reduce their dependence on traditional energy sources. In addition, the installation of the solar system has also improved the environmental protection image of the business and won more praise from customers. 

All in all, the retailer's solar system is a success story. By opting for high-efficiency solar inverters, solar panels, and lithium batteries, they have managed to reduce energy costs while also enhancing the business's environmental image.

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